There is something about watching wildlife in slow motion that is so captivating, and because of that we have found the best slow motion wildlife videos and aggregated them for you all to see. In these stunning clips we see everything from grizzly bears to great white sharks. Whether on land or sea we can finally see what the wildlife is like, in slow motion.

13 Slow Motion Wildlife Moments

Two minutes and 13 amazing animal shots. The BBC never fail to disappoint to bring us spectacular sights from all over the world. In this breakdown of slow motion videos they show bumble bees, flying fish and a capuchin monkey using a rock as a tool. Nature is so amazing and to see it not only up close but also slomo. You need to watch!

NAT GEO ‘Rule the world’

A stunning compilation of various wildlife put together by Charlie QH. He has managed to capture a range of animals such as cheetahs, wilderbeasts, the little guys like the lizards to the King of the Jungle. Nature is beautiful yet so full of danger and this video shows us both sides to what is out there.

BBC Earth Unplugged: Birds in slow motion.

Another Earth Unplugged from the BBC has brought us Birds in slow motion. They have compiled their favorite birds to be filmed in slow motion. From pigeons to barn owls, blackbirds to harris hawks they capture how they fly and just how majestic it really is.

The ‘Thrill’ of Slow motion – Wildlife.

This video shows just how brutal nature can really be. In slow motion we see the animal kingdom in motion – that includes eating one another of course. Charlie QH has put together a compilation of Nat GEO and BBC footage to create the ‘Thrill of Slow”. Enjoy

Cheetah running in slow motion.

Cheetahs can run up to speeds of 110-120 km/h for short bursts in the desert heat and finally in this slow motion footage of a cheetah running we can finally see what happens when they blur right past us. National Geographic have brought in editors, a slow motion camera, some cheetah handlers and of course the star of the show, a cheetah! This is really amazing and is a must-see.

Amazing wildlife gif Eagle catching a fish underwater in slow motion
Wild Snake biting into water balloon in slow motion
Wildlife Slow motion Gazelle Leaping
BBC Wildlife Barn Owl Slow Motion
Slow Motion Wildlife Crocodile uses tail to lunge from water
Wildlife Slow Motion Rattle Snakes Rattling Tails
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