We all love a fail and is there anything better than to see them in slow motion? It just reminds you how slow our reactions really are! Here at slomo, we have aggregated the best slow motion fails for you. From a rogue TV drone falling on a ski track to the most hilarious dog fails you will find something here to make you laugh..

Dog & Frisbee Fail

Possibly the funniest dog fail I’ve seen all year! Tyler Burson was hoping to show off his dogs Frisbee catching skills and get a good slow motion video, but it doesn’t go to plan! It’s the look in his eyes when he knows he’s messed up which makes this video all the more hilarious. An instant classic!

Train Ploughing Snow Onto Platform

Hilarious video of an Amtrak train sending a wave of snow into the passengers on the platform in Rhinecliff, New York! Craig Olezewski captured the spectacular fail on his camera in slow motion. The unexpecting passengers waiting on the platform get quite the surprise – as if it wasn’t cold enough already!

Drone Almost Hits Champion Skier

It’s not very often you see a hilarious fail of a rogue TV drone plumet down narrowly avoiding a World cup champion skier! Austrain skier, Marcel Hirscher, was racing in the Alpine slalom race in Italy where the drone lands just behind him traveling high speeds and he carried on as if he didn’t notice! Someone definitely lost their job…

Trampoline Basketball Fail

Epic fail where a student tries to go for the trampoline basketball jump! I think everyone thinks this is easier than it looks, at least he runs up with nothing but enthusiasm – you’re rooting for him but it’s just not enough and he has a spectacular faceplant onto the thick mats that they tell you don’t hurt (they do hurt!).

Slow Motion Fail Compilation

A hysterical fail compilation from FailArmy and of course – all in slow motion! So many fails to watch in this short clip – a ball to the face for an unexpecting shopper, a rolling hill face plant, a broken ice sculpture and a simultaneous owner and dog fail are just some of the funny fails in this compilation. Definitely worth the watch.

Golf Kart Jump Over Bunker Fail

Golf karts are so much fun and actually faster than you would think! Everyone likes to mess around sometimes but these golfers take it to a whole other level when they try to do a jump over a bunker in this hilarious fails video. Don’t worry – no one was seriously injured in this video – except maybe their bank balance when they took the broken kart back to the club..

Slip n Slide (n Fall) Fail

This guys amazing slip almost looked graceful in the beginning of this fail but was abruptly stopped.. by a wooden fence. Slipping is bad in itself but when there is an obstacle it’s even worse ( /funnier..), what was meant to be a cool slow motion jump video soon turned into a fail when wet wooden panels are involved! Ouch..

Slo Mo Symphony || A Classical Tribute to Slo Mo Fails

For some reason classical music makes slomo fails that much funnier. In this video we see a compilation of hilarious fails, brought to us by FailArmy. With everything from slow motion fish slaps to scaring pranks to failed bike jumps this video is so worth the watch and no doubt will have you laughing at others misfortunes.

Hilarious Dog Fails Compilation

Is there anything better than dogs?! They are mans best friend, loyal.. and sometimes they are pretty clumsy. This fails compilation shows us the funniest dog fails from missing the ball to running on the beach our four legged friends will always make us laugh!

Cat Slips in the Ice

What would normally be an easy jump for Waffles the cat soon turned difficult with the layer of ice! Cats are so agile and light they can just about reach anywhere with ease however they haven’t quite worked out this ice thing yet and poor Waffles takes a slow motion tumble down into the garage..

Wipeout: Slow Motion Edition

Wipeout is a hilarious show where you have many obstacles to get round in the quickest time – sounds easy right? Its not! Wipeout have put together a compilation of their funniest slow motion fails and it couldn’t not make the list! If this show isn’t funny enough in real time it makes it so much better in slow motion. But then again what isn’t better in slow motion?!

Dog Jumping Onto Sofa Fail

This cute little fluffball is looking so happy when he runs into the room with a treat. He jumps prematurely and ends up head first into the sofa itself! For a moment I think he forgot how to dog but makes a quick recovery “Nothing to see here human”.. So funny.

Bowling Lane Fail

Everyone loves a game of bowling – whether you are good, bad or downright awful! Well this man shows us we are all better than we think when he throws the bowling ball (and himself) down the lane! Just when you think he can’t go any further he does! I don’t think you’ve won this game, pal!

And an added bonus of fail gifs to top it off…

Slow Motion Fail Fire breathing gone wrong
Bike Jump fail in slow motion
Slow motion gun fail
Slow motion dog fail puppy misses treat

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