We all like to let of some steam but these guys have taken it to a whole other level and managed to catch it in slow motion. We have compiled a list of the best slow motion destruction videos out there today. With everything from samurai swords and water bottles to hammers and oranges, we have it here.

Destroying an ipad

If you’ve always dreamed of destroying your iPad but have never done so because, well, they’re so expensive! In this video Jake Larsen and his colleagues film themselves destroying stuff In every way you can imagine, they drop wood, shoot bullets and just throw it all over! And not just iPads but TVS, basketballs and watermelons as well!

Swords vs Plastic bottles

These guys are using a katana sword, used by the samurai of ancient japan, to slice through a lot of plastic bottles filled with coloured water. To see the sword just cut through the bottles like cheese is unreal and they show you the clip of it in normal time then slowed down so we can see what actually happens! Totally worth the watch.

Tempus II

Literally 6 minutes of complete destruction of everyday things! This brilliant compilation brought to us by Phillip Heron and James Adair shows us a different world of destruction. With everything from eggs on a mousetrap, a man punching his way through concrete blocks and the classic coke and mentos experiment – you’re sure to see a new perspective!

Things destroyed slowly

In this slomo destruction video by RocketSpots was shot at various frames between 1000fps and 5000fps in a project called ‘Destruction is beautiful’ and its hard not to agree. This stunning compilation has all sorts from smashing wine glasses to exploding water balloons.

The Smash Party

Mashable have put together this 3 minutes of slow motion destruction called Smash Party. On May 2nd, Titmouse Animation Studios held their 8th annual Smash Party event where they smashed everything from TV’s to old china, using all sorts of heavy hammer tools. It looks a lot of fun, and a good way to de-stress!

And some destructive gifs to top it off…

Tank jumps and fires in slow motion
Ultimate destruction bomb explosion in slow motion
Slow motion explosion from misile
Missile shooting in slow motion
Slow motion watermelon explosion
Slow motion destruction gifs

Thank you for watching. Check out more slomo videos here.

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